Your Goals REQUIRE:

Discipline, Consistency & Mindfulness

Whether it's weight loss, meditation, financial, career, or relationship goals - you must plan, take action and show up everyday to achieve what you hope and see for your future.

This past year, I went through what studies have labeled a "Mid-Life Crisis."

Yup. Apparently, women get them at 35. Fun fact!

And in the midst of feeling completely lost - at one of my lowest points - I came across a list of goals I had written myself a few years prior.

There were places I wanted to travel. Career goals. And then, there was this one goal: "Have a banging-ass body!"

After being married for 5 years, I let a lot of stuff go.

I mean, I held it together enough - but by no means did I have a "banging-ass body!"

However, the picture I saw of myself walking the red carpet did.

So, I would meditate visualizing this "future me". And when you do that, you're essentially telling the universe, "Not today. But someday. And that someday's gonna be great!"

How often do we that? Put something off for our future-self that our current-self just doesn't want to do today.

We say stuff like:

"When this happens... THEN I'll be happy.

THEN I'll lose the weight.

THEN I'll donate to the charities.

THEN my spouse and I will get along.

But I realized, getting fit and changing my diet was 100% in my control. Nobody else can eat and workout for me. I wish!

Just like, nobody else can substitute being kind to your spouse for you.

Nobody else can meditate for you.

Nobody else can make a million dollars for you. Well, I mean I guess you could get a sugar daddy - but you get where I'm going.

And although building a career takes a team, nobody else can show up and work their ass off in your place for you. YOU have to show up.

And you have to keep showing up.

Because this was a year ago. A year ago I made the commitment to myself to lose 16lbs. And after 6 months of consistently showing up, streaming #PiYo, and yes - counting calories, UGH! - I achieved my goal.

But to keep the weight off - I have to keep showing up.

NOTE: By NO means am I encouraging you to lose weight! Unless of course you want to. That's not the point of me sharing this.

It's the realization that just like losing weight, I have to also show up everyday for my career, my marriage, my bank account, you name it.

It takes consistency. It takes mindfulness. It takes discipline.

So what are you working on?

What is one of your goals that you keep putting off for the future - that you could start focusing on and taking steps to achieving today?

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unspla