Actors! Stop Measuring Your Success on How Often You Book!

You will never be happy.
I know. That’s a bold statement.
But it’s true.
Just like:
No matter how wealthy you are, if you’re simply looking at dollar signs, you’ll never have enough.
Instead, consider this:
What else have you done for your acting career that you can celebrate and  give yourself a pat on the back for?
Maybe you haven’t booked, but have you gotten any callbacks? That’s a win!
Maybe you've been called in straight to producers because casting loves you? That’s a win!
Maybe you finally got into an office and met a producer/director/casting director you’ve never been able to get in for before? That’s a WIN!
And it doesn’t just have to be about auditions.
Ask yourself: what have I done for my career in the past month that I can proud of?
Maybe you were proactive and took new headshots. Maybe you re-edited your reel - or hell, shot a scene for your reel to show off your skills.
Maybe you took your reps out to lunch to grow the relationship.
This is all good stuff. But I’ll take it a step further.
What have you done to improve yourself overall as a human being recently?
Stay with me. This isn’t mumbo-jumbo.
Maybe you started a meditation practice.
Maybe you’ve been doing Crossfit and moved up to a new level.
Maybe you reconnected with a family member you weren’t speaking to and brought some peace into your life.
This ALL resonates with your acting career.
Yes, all of it.
You’re not just an actor. You’re a person.
And you’re going to be navigating life a lot longer than you’ll be filming a commercial, tv show, movie, play - take your pick!
So start looking at the BIG PICTURE!
Because it’s all related. And as long as you’re moving forward in life - however slow the progress may be - you’ll move forward in your career and those bookings will come.

Most of the time when you’re too busy to worry about them!
Happy Acting!

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash