Happy New Year!!! "Confessions of a Bartender" is COMPLETE!

With the start of the new year, it couldn't be more perfect and beautifully harmonious that this wonderful chapter of my life is ending and I'm onto a new.

After a lot of sweat & tears (literally), I am very excited to present to you the complete season of Confessions of a Bartender!

If you've got just 5 minutes... you should check this out! :)

Interview: Actors Anonymous Podcast

I had such a blast sitting down with Wesam & Jordan! We chat about the actor mentality, embarrassing auditions and more! Check it out!

'The Library Book' w/ Adrien Brody

'The Library Book' w/ Adrien Brody

This was such a wonderful experience. 

A couple months ago I worked on Trigger Street Productions & Jameson First Shot's film: The Library Book with the winning director Travis Calvert & the insanely talented Adrien Brody. 

---And now I get to share that incredible experience with you!

Check it out here:

Ghostbusters: Paul Feig's Gatekeeper

Absolutely floored! 8,000+ views & over 125 shares! In 2 DAYS!!!
THANK YOU EVERYONE for the support!

The story behind the video:

I mailed Paul Feig's agents a letter to give to him back in January and they mailed it back to me - which got my creative juices flowing. And in an effort to turn lemons into lemonade... I made this video. 

I hope you enjoy!!! And if you do, please LIKE & SHARE!! :)