Cheryl Texiera's 3-Week Online Business of Acting Course!

Here's what you'll learn:

Week One:

-Union vs. Non-Union - The benefits to both.

-How to Get Your SAG-AFTRA Card

-How to Get a Great Headshot

-Make Your Resume Look Pro!

-Discover the #1 Training Every Actor Should Have

-Must-Have Websites

-Cheryl’s Personal Resource List - Where & Who She Goes To and Why 

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Week Two:

-Auditions - How to land ‘em With or Without an Agent

-How to Put a Great Reel Together

-Representation - How/When/Why to Get It

-IMDB - How to Get On It & Lower Your Score

-Casting Director Workshops (How to Make Them Work for You!)

-How to Use Social Media to Build a Fanbase & Grow Your Klout

-My Personal Strategy to Keep Going (meditation/finances)

Week Three:

-Creating your Own Content - from the birth of an idea to the execution of the shoot. 

-Getting Your Work Seen!

-Getting It Into Film Festivals


-Turning Pro

-What To Do When You’re Actually on Set!

-Tips for the Red Carpet

-How to Kill It for On & Off-Camera Interviews

-When and How to Hire a Publicist

-My Personal Approach to Auditions & Breaking Down a Script

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