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I teach privates over Skype as well as in In-Person. I work with actors of all levels, from novice to working professional - and I’d love to work with you!

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Hear what some of my students have to say…

Cheryl is an awesome acting coach! She gives my daughter confidence and great direction, helping her find the moments in any sides she’s given, whether drama or comedy. She makes the process so much easier for me as a parent, filming great self tapes and really taking the time to make sure my daughter is ready for her auditions and callbacks. I highly recommend her to anyone!!!
— Lily Sanfelippo's mom (Young Sheldon, Criminal Minds)

So much to say! Cheryl Texiera is an amazing acting coach! She would love nothing more than to have our daughter go right from her lesson onto a set! Jaida has worked with Cheryl just over a year and loved every moment of it. Cheryl’s whole effort is highly charged and incredibly enthusiastic!

She has taken the time to explain many things about the industry that we didn’t understand and has done so with such patience.

Cheryl gets kids; she has such an ability to find the right things to say to our daughter that will help her understand exactly what she needs to do. With every little achievement that our daughter has, Cheryl is interested, excited, and thrilled for Jaida! Cheryl is truly a lovely person and with no hesitation we say, a fantastic acting coach and role model for our daughter!
— Jaida Grace Mardon's mom (signed with Play Management & Series Regular in Sketch Comedy My Girls)

An incredible, hardworking and fun person, Cheryl is amazing in helping you with your acting and writing for comedy. She knows her craft and will find clever ways to help you understand the tools of the trade in Hollywood. She always takes time to get to know you so she can best help guide and direct you. Her helpfulness, friendliness, down to earth style, and inspiration is why I always look forward to our sessions.
— Andrew Williams, writer/actor, Toronta, CA

Cheryl is a very passionate and caring teacher. She has gone the extra mile without any hesitation to help me become an actor. Cheryl helped me find my way to become a comedic actor. As a disabled actor I was once asked to read for some of the top casting directors in the industry. Cheryl took the time to help me prepare my scene and volunteered to come do the scene with me. I also host bi-monthly workshop for disabled actors and without hesitation Cheryl has agreed to come teach a class for me. Because of her teaching methods every audition I go into I say my favorite line from her “Let’s Play”. Thank you Cheryl for everything you do. I look forward to many more coaching sessions with you.
— Paul Ford, actor/activist, #AllIn Ambassador

Working with Cheryl has been such a game changer. I approach my scene work and character creation approach in a much more focused way. She helped me prep my audition for colleges and I landed the lead in the school play because of her. I love working with her and you will too.
— Braden Atholmn, actor

I have been working with Cheryl for the past six months, and she is unlike any acting coach I have ever worked with before. She’s honest in her feedback but still supportive and gives great redirects. I have grown so much as an actor and a person working with her. Not to mention, she’s fun. I highly recommend working with her one on one. I’ve gotten so much out of our sessions.
— Yolanda Ivens (stage actress, IL - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf)

Cheryl is amazing! I came to her with an audition the same day for a network pilot and she coached me through it to understand the character and the world completely. I confidently went in and nailed it. Although I didn’t book, I know it’s just a matter of time before I do, and it’s with Cheryl’s help that I’ll be able to do it! Thank you, Cheryl!
— Samantha Rhodes (actress, comedian)

Cheryl’s class was amazing. It is a great resource for actors both with experience in the industry as well as those who are just starting out. She is extremely generous with the knowledge and experiences she is willing to share to ensure that actors are directed toward trustworthy and legitimate resources.

Cheryl is exciting and energetic so her classes are fun and entertaining! What I enjoyed most was being able to ask any industry-related questions during class and she would answer them on spot! It’s amazing.
— Capri Sampson (Twenty-ish, 9 Rides)

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