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Here’s a little take on how I approach acting and teaching my technique to students. Enjoy!

Living in the moment. Being truthful, empathetic, grounded, and raw. Giving all of yourself not just to your character - but also to your scene partner, environment, and perhaps most importantly, the stakes of your scene.

These are the fundamentals I strive to instill in every actor I work with.

It’s not enough simply to listen and respond honestly. What is going on with your character? What reality have they just lived? What emotional state are they in which you now must embody to live their truth?

Having trained extensively in Stanislavski’s Method, studying at NYU’s prestigious Tisch Conservatory and being grounded in my own reality with The Atlantic Theatre Company - coupled with Uta Hagen’s approach to acting, Meisner Training, owning a theatre company and working regularly on screen in Hollywood, one could say I incorporate a little bit of everything into my technique.

Rarely have I found that one “method” works for everybody.

While one actor may need to work on emotional availability, another may need to work on listening and staying present, in the moment. Some actors love substitution and others prefer imaginary circumstances.

I cater my teaching to the individual. We are all on our own path - pursuing our own unique journey - performing our own truth. No two actors are alike. Individual needs must be addressed in order for the most effective work to be done. …And that’s what I love most about what I do.

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