Whether you're prepping for an audition, or simply want to expand your approach with my techniques - I'm happy to dive in and get you making strong choices in your acting that will stand out in casting offices and pop off screen!

Every in-person lesson includes HD Video of the scenes we work on. (This is great for on-camera auditions and tracking your progress.)

All *new* students will need to sign up for a 30-min Skype Career Review to make sure we are a good fit for each other. You can learn more about that below.

But in the meantime, I'd love to hear a bit more about you. CLICK HERE.


In preparation of this one-on-one Skype session, Cheryl will personally review all your materials (headshots, resumes, reels, website. etc) and take notes. This preparation typically takes an hour, if not longer (depending on the amount of material you have).

During the session, you will be given 20-25 minutes of any thoughts Cheryl had while reviewing your material. There will be a 10-minute Q&A where she will answer any questions you may have about her review or moving forward with working one-on-one in-person with her.

After the Skype session, Cheryl will personally email you all her notes along with any resources discussed in your session. 

If the purpose of your Career Review was to work one-on-one in-person, and you are a good fit, the follow up email will include a link to sign up for sessions.

*This is a mandatory introductory meeting with Cheryl over Skype for all new students before booking an in-person session. (Can be waived with referral or if we worked together before.)

*Phone Sessions are available if you do not have Skype.

30-Min Skype Career Review w/ Cheryl


Whether you're prepping for an auditon, a role, or simply want to work on your technique, Cheryl can help strengthen your acting skills so you stand out in the room! 

Bring material you'd like to work on, or request a 'Cheryl Select'!

You'll walk away feeling more confident and grounded in your performance. 


Learn the business of the business with Cheryl’s online course.

Over 5 HOURS of content that walks you step-by-step through the process of getting set up to start working professionally as an actor.

Learn how to get into the union, sign with an agent, get auditions, even how to create your own work - and so much more!

This is Cheryl’s signature career course that has helped tons of actors jumpstart their careers - and even reignite stagnant ones.

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Cheryl Texiera's Business of Acting Course - ON DEMAND